Voice Premise
Telephone systems by Avaya, the #1 PBX manufacturer in the world. Hosted by Hybrid systems as well.
When it comes to the phone systems, there can only be one to rule them all…Avaya.
So maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but consider the pedigree. Avaya is the market leader in communications systems in the United States.
In fact, they’re #1 globally in the following markets served:
They provide world-leading solutions. Communication Manager, Definity, IP Office, Merlin Legend and Magix, Partner. Add to that Nortel’s enterprise product lines. Avaya’s products, both old and new, are what power business communications. Period.
Avaya has the key attributed that all businesses should look for in a major technology vendor:
We’ve been selling and servicing Avaya’s products for over 20 years, and we stand by them. We’re better than just about anyone when it comes to designing, selling and servicing their equipment, which makes for a powerful combination.
As for your business, we’re sure there’s a fit.
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