Voice Hosted
Lower upfront cost, no maintenance and equipment, and upgrades are someone else’s problem.
We love voice solutions that are premise-based. But sometimes, don’t you just ask yourself what it must be like on the other side?
That’s how we feel about hosted voice solutions.
It’s not greener, nor is it grass. But for some businesses, we really do believe it’s a better fit.
Why? Lower upfront cost, since hosted solutions often follow a pay-as-you-go model. No maintenance, since all the equipment problems (hardware or software) and upgrades are someone else’s issue. And increased scalability and better implementation time.
Does hosted give you the same level of control? More and more, the answer is “almost.” Hosted solutions continue to evolve, and many will reach near feature parity with their premise-based brethren in the next few years.
We work with various vendors to hit price points and the best fit for your application. And one last thing, all of these hosted offerings utilize bandwidth that either we, or you, can provide.
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