Today, nearly everybody sells bandwidth. So, what sets us apart?
Most companies that resell connectivity think that what differentiates them from other resellers are the carriers in their portfolio and the products they can sell. Ok, we can play that diversity game…
Carrier Diversity
Product Diversity
Having such resources is only half the story. Maybe even less than half. How do you make carrier offerings exciting?
It’s tough, really, really tough…
But here's a great start.
We do the dreaded “as is, should be” analysis:
Cooler people call it the “Reflect, Project” evaluation. You got here somehow, and we’d like the answer to that. And more importantly, we’d like to know where you’re going. Maybe all of your carrier services are running perfectly, even fine-tuned for the future. And possibly you’re not being billed too much. If you think so, you’re what we like to call the “1%.” Or unicorns. Simply put, you just don’t exist. Cost = $0.
No matter what we design, we implement for you:
Ok, lots of people can do a network design analysis, and scrub your telecom bills. Some even like you to share the savings with them. Not us. We like to go even further. Not only will we show you what to build and what it should cost, we then build it for you. Our staff of project managers loves a challenge. They’ll take it from design to implementation. Cost = $0.
When we implement it, we pick up the tab:
Say what!? It’s like having your parents in town, and them taking you to dinner. Free (unless your parents really dislike you). Implementation is typically the most expensive part of doing a network overhaul. Then isn’t it strange that no one ever talks about the complexity or cost? Not us. We realize how expensive it is. Our answer, we pay for it. If we resell network services to you, we pay for such things as: site surveys; circuit extensions; tech time to rack and stack equipment; cutovers; etc. The only thing we don’t pay for is your time. Because who can really put a price tag on that… Cost = $0.
Then we maintain it:
Seriously, don’t you want this problem to be somebody else’s? Have you ever called any of the carriers when you’re having a problem? Painful. Let us do it for you. Open the trouble ticket with us, and we’ll interface with the proper entities to get you back up and running. It’s like having your own dedicated team of telecom nerds. Cost = $0.
And review, review, review:
Carrier bills change all the time, as do customers’ needs. Like plate tectonics, we prefer these differences to be slow and predictable. But sometimes they’re not. So we review. Annually. And if there’s room for improvement, we’ll make sure you’re aware of it. Consider it your yearly checkup (preferably without latex gloves). Cost = $0.
Crazy? Perhaps. How is it even possible? We get paid by all the carriers to be resellers. So we just allocate a part of our residuals to cover all of these expenses. We know, very nice of us.
But we’ve been doing this for a long time. Long enough that we’ve got customers that have single-sites, and customers that have over 1,000 sites, all running on the networks we designed, built, and maintain for them. So, we’ve got the resources to make all of this happen.
In a word, winning.
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